Biological Resources

The natural landscape is changing all around us. Whether building a pipeline or managing a ranch, each change we make to the natural environment will have some effect on the existing plant and animal life. Assessment of this change and its effects on the natural environment is where we come in.

Threatened and Endangered Species

The Endangered Species Act of 1973 was established to protect species considered to be in peril of extinction and enact measures to aid in population recovery. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is tasked with protecting these species and upholding the regulatory aspects of the Act. Sphere 3 is staffed with a variety of wildlife biologists, foresters, and botanists trained and experienced with the requirements of the Endangered Species Act, the specific needs of protected species, and the identification skill necessary to document the species of concern. We specialize in the effects of construction projects on habitats utilized by threatened and endangered species. Our biologists utilize a variety of research, field surveys, and GIS analysis to assess the potential presence and potential impact to rare species. We can also assist in developing avoidance measures to ensure protection of the species and development of the project.

Baseline Biological Inventories

Baseline biological inventories are necessary tools for measuring the response of an ecosystem to changes or to plan management practices. They are also used to simply document the existing conditions and biodiversity of a property. Sphere 3 biologists have conducted baseline inventories for establishing a conservation easement, reducing impact of military training activities, establishing wetland mitigation banks, and development of wildlife management plans. We can customize the level of inventory to meet your specific needs.

Natural Resource Damage Assessment

If something goes wrong, damages to the natural environment can occur. Hazardous material spills are the classic example of something going wrong. A spill that runs through a forest and into a stream or lake can be a nightmare for the owner of the spill and the owner of the land. The realization of impacts from this unfortunate event is often compounded once the state and/or federal agencies arrive on location. Every fish and toad has a price on its head when it comes to resources of the state. Sphere 3 works with you to assess the damages to the natural environment and can coordinate with regulatory agencies on your behalf. If you are assessed fines for natural resource damages, Sphere 3 can act as a third party assessor of such damages and can assist you with mitigation plans to alleviate the damage.

Sphere 3 is Here to help YOU!
We can work with you to create a custom project that meets all of your environmental and regulatory needs. We have a diverse staff of professionals to help with minor or major permitting and compliance efforts. We pride ourselves on customizing our services to the needs of each client.