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Sphere 3 Environmental began as a small environmental consulting component of 3D/International in 1988. These humble beginnings were viewed as a necessary support element to the large architecture and engineering projects managed by Houston-based 3D/International. Asbestos inspections and air quality monitoring were the group’s primary functions. As more environmental regulations were passed, additional environmental expertise was added to the group. By 1992, the environmental group was self sufficient, with its own set of clients and maintaining staff in Houston, Texas and Cincinnati, Ohio. The focus at this time was federal and state funded contracts and services now included other environmental assessments, natural resource evaluations, and cultural resources management.

In 1996, 3D/International acquired Environmental Assurance, a Longview, Texas based consulting group operated by Gayle Kirkland. Gayle brought a fresh view to the group that relied on consulting for private companies, particularly the oil and gas exploration and production sector. In 1998, 3D/International sold their Cincinnati office to another firm. In 2000, Gayle was awarded with the task of managing 3D/International’s environmental staff in Houston and Longview. We continued to expand our services into the private sector and add staff to accommodate the multi-disciplinary needs of our clients.

By 2003, nearly all of our clientele consisted of private companies and very few support functions were necessary from 3D/International. At this time we were presented with an opportunity to split completely from 3D/International and become a self-reliant environmental consulting firm. In January 2004, Gayle and Adam Black, the current environmental operations manager purchased Sphere 3 Environmental from 3D/International. We have since consolidated our staff and are now based out of Longview, Texas. Now stronger than ever, we continue to serve our clients in Texas, the surrounding states, and beyond.

Key Company Values

INTEGRITY – We will maintain a strong reputation with our clients and the agencies that regulate their activities.
DEDICATION– We are dedicated to providing quality services to those that rely on our expertise.
TRUST – As consultants we become a trusted member of our client’s team. These relationships are built with mutual trust, respect, and reliance.


Sphere 3 is a collection of professional scientists and managers dedicated to assisting industry and public sector clients in meeting requirements imposed by environmental regulations. Our multi-disciplinary staff is experienced in assisting clients in addressing concerns for impacts to the natural and human environment. Our staff is highly qualified with a wide variety of both secondary degrees and real-world experience.

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Sphere 3 is Here to help YOU!
We can work with you to create a custom project that meets all of your environmental and regulatory needs. We have a diverse staff of professionals to help with minor or major permitting and compliance efforts. We pride ourselves on customizing our services to the needs of each client.